State Clinical Group Updates

12 September 2017 St John


Several incidents have occurred recently where Ketone Test Strips have been ordered and/or supplied instead of Glucose Test Strips. Both types of test strip can be used with several brands of Glucometer. Unfortunately, the packaging is often very similar (see below).

Sep IMage

Testing for ketones is beyond the scope of first aid, and is not authorised. The normal ketone level of 0 – 0.3 mmol/L can result in patient mismanagement if this is interpreted as the blood glucose level.

Required action:

  1. All Divisions / Operational Units are to inspect all BGL test strips to ensure that they are actually for blood glucose, and NOT for ketones.
  2. Any ketone test strips are to be removed and discarded.
  3. The online product ordering system has already been amended so that ketone strips cannot be ordered.


Recently, suction tubing and Yankauer suckers, have been supplied in sterile double-wrapped packaging. This level of packaging is only necessary in the operating theatre environment.

The following change has been arranged with the warehouse.

  1. Suction tubing does not need to be sterile. (However, it must be single patient use).
  2. Yankauer suckers do need to be sterile, but single wrapping is sufficient.

These changes should help to speed up the assembly of suction equipment in an emergency.


  • Congratulations to Dr Alex Cardenas (State Paramedic) for the recent conferral of his PhD. This is an outstanding academic achievement.
  • Congratulations to Elliot Williams (State Nursing Officer) and Karina Williams (State Staff Officer) on the birth of their son Samuel, on 30th July.
  • Congratulations to Dr Jenny Liu (State Staff Officer) for passing the FRACP exams. This is a huge milestone on her path to becoming a specialist physician.


A reminder to all doctors that medical registration renewal is due before 30th September. Doctors are required to check and update their professional details on DEMS when renewing registration.